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Ready to Fly?

Imagine flying through a beautiful pasture or following a meandering you pass between some tall trees, you see something in the next field! Suddenly, you are gliding higher, exploring another unseen part of the world you'd never have the chance to see without the aid of your powered paraglider. Experience true freedom and flight in it's rawest form! 
Finding good powered paraglider training can be a daunting task. Four Winds PPG is one of a few FULL TIME training schools with a FULL TIME staff, dedicated training facility and a large, safe flying site to get you quickly through your flying curriculum while always putting your safety first. We use only the latest technology (and quality) in paramotors and paragliders during your training to ensure you will be flying safely and with the best performance possible. 
We pride ourselves on the personal attention we provide and in tailoring our carefully constructed training system to YOUR level of aptitude and physical ability to give you not just the skills necessary to fly, but to graduate as a highly skilled and confident paramotor pilot who is ready to take to the skies on your own!